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Mr. Mark's starting point is that every customer who enters his realm will be treated with the grandest, most memorable hospitality. Therefore, he always encourages all his staff to master their skills. This is enhanced by the fact that Mr. Mark is an artist and has the latest perspectives on art and fashion that are kept up-to-date at all times, as "fashion is always changing".

Mark Thawin Ultimate Hair Solution aims to be a model for salons in Thailand and features high-class modernity and high standards for its services, locations and ambience, raising itself to be at the same level as the best of international salons.​

We strive to be the centre for sought-after goods, ranging from our high quality products, fully equipped and modern tools to the best hospitality service. We aim to constantly improve to meet the demands of our customers.​

Mark Thawin Ultimate Hair Solution is a special place, which Mark Thawin built so that all staff would be unified by their commitment and creativity. This is to ensure that we can deliver a 'superior' distinctive hair service experience that accomodates our customers' needs with ultimate satisfaction.​

We are more than a hair salon, more than a service. Because we are a society that loves all the beauty of art elements. Including fashion dress Especially with the subject of fashion And doing hair must go together perfectly first Therefore, our team Knowledgeable in fashion In order to take good care of oneself Meaning all of us accept and must learn to go beyond what we are responsible for Including the sharp command of people who have a beautiful and happy life Want to learn Which will meet the needs of these customers as best.​

• Determined to present the best products that are health safe for all stylists and customers, we select products that are gentle, feature natural organic extracts, and are environmentally-friendly and health safe. 
• An experienced team who possess experience, skill and expertise in hair styling. All members have undergone training and courses conducted by Mr. Mark. 
• We meet the demands of those who love their hair styling and fashion in an artfully-decorated modern environment. This is matched by the standard facilities in Mark Thawin Ultimate Hair Solution, which optimises customers' body alignment, from sitting in a chair for a haircut to leaning backwards on the washing bed. Everyone will experience the touch of physical comfort and safety. 
•  Apart from providing the best products, we also provide our customers with purified air. An element that cannot be overlooked, we ensure that we delivery the best air possible in Mark Thawin Ultimate Hair Solution by installing air purifiers in our realm."​

The most essential thing that Mark Thawin Ultimate Hair Solution aims to achieve is for our stylists and staff to take on Mark Thawin's DNA, and at the same time, possessing their own artistic identity, attitude, perspective, creative ideas in their quest to develop their modern fashion style. These elements will help the organisation build loyalty with its customers. Moreover, our organisation provides training in various fields, particularly regarding inner quality, knowledge and understanding as well as the composition of art and beauty. Our staff is expected to be able to use these skills efficiently.

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